Wireless hearing solutions made for life.

Introducing Muse,™ Starkey’s most advanced technology that offers supreme sound quality and premium features. Muse is customized to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experiences.

  • Advanced noise reduction technology and precise directional microphones work together to help make speech easier to hear in today’s complex listening environments.

  • Stream TV, music and more to your hearing aids. SurfLink® Mobile 2, SurfLink Media 2 and SurfLink Remote offer carefree hands-free connectivity and control with no worn device.

  • While other hearing aid manufacturers require you to wear a device around your neck, SurfLink accessories offer a direct wireless connection between your phone – or any other Bluetooth® device – and your hearing aids.

  • Pick your favorite color among our new styles, which include our smallest devices and custom-fit options – both with tinnitus and wireless CROS and BiCROS solutions.

Easy-to-adjust 3 Series hearing aids are available in several styles and a variety of discreet and stylish colors

3 Series™

3 Series hearing aids by Starkey are designed to make listening easy and enjoyable again.

3 Series hearing aids feature Starkey’s latest noise reduction and speech preservation system, which is designed to deliver incredible sound clarity even in the noisiest situations. 3 Series can also stream stereo sound from your TV, radio, computer and even your cell phone directly to your hearing aids. With 3 Series, you can enjoy hands-free phone conversations and listen to TV or radio at the volume you want.

  • Precision microphone technology and advanced noise reduction and speech recognition system designed to amplify meaningful sounds while reducing unwanted background noise.

  • The only technology that replicates high-frequency speech cues into lower frequencies, where they’re easier to hear

  • Sound compression technology designed to differentiate soft speech from loud, for a more enhanced and natural sound quality

  • HydraShield,®2 our pioneering water- and wax-repellent moisture protection system, enhances durability and dependability

  • Direct-to-hearing-aid streaming of TVs, computers, MP3 players and phones when synced with either SurfLink Mobile or SurfLink Media.

Halo™ 2

Made for iPhone, iPad,® iPod touch® and Apple Watch.®

With Halo™ 2, our latest Made for iPhone® hearing aids, we can help you stay connected to the people and things you love most. Halo 2 is Starkey’s most advanced technology with supreme sound quality and premium features, customizable to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experiences.

  • You can have Siri® read texts and emails directly to your Halo 2 hearing aids.

  • AcuityTM Directionality is designed to improve speech audibility in difficult listening situations along with Speech Shift.

  • SurfaceTM NanoShield, our pioneering water, wax and moisture repellant system, to protect and ensure durability and dependability.

  • Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology integrated into Halo 2 to bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears and adjustable via the TruLink app.

  • Halo 2 hearing aids are available in a RIC 13 (Receiver-in-Canal) style and a variety of colors.

Our latest Made for iPhone hearing aids and our easy-to-use TruLinkTM Hearing Control app are engineered to work specifically with your iPhone, iPad,® iPod touch® and Apple Watch.® Together, Halo 2 and TruLink deliver the most personalized hearing experience ever.

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