At Amplified Hearing LLC, I perform the audiological evaluation and explain the hearing test results to the you in a way that is relatable to your experience. It is important to visit a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) for this evaluation, a professional who has the knowledge to provide you with an understanding of how your hearing system works together with your brain and how various pathologies affect your ability to function properly, including Sensorineural and/or Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, TMJ, Middle Ear fluid, even excessive cerumen. I will provide you with a medical referral if needed or your options to improve your ability to function hearing, including digital hearing instruments. I perform the fitting of hearing instruments, all necessary follow-up and 6-month checkups. You do not get passed around our office from technician to technician. I have a full understanding of your history and can best assist in whatever issues arise over the life of your devices. You and I form a working relationship which hopefully will last years! Thank you for choosing me as your Hearing Healthcare Provider!

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

performed in a Sound-Proof Test Booth

  • Results are thoroughly explained in a way that relates your hearing deficit to your current ability to function in your environments

  • Referrals are provided for medical remediation if needed (ie fluid behind your eardrum, excessive cerumen or earwax in your ear canal)

  • Professional reporting provided to your referring General Physician

Digital Hearing Aid Consultations

No Obligation 2 Week Trial

  • Together we discuss your hearing needs and determine the best solution for your situation. Styles, technology, and pricing/payment options are provided.

  • Demo Hearing Aids are programmed and available for a two-week trial at no obligation. There is no better way to determine the benefit of these devices than using them in your own environment. Get into those situations in which you have difficulty understanding speech, (ie. restaurants, places of worship, crowds) and realize the improvement yourself.

Tinnitus Evaluations

Understanding and Reducing Anxiety

  • Your hearing is evaluated and the common etiologies or causes of Tinnitus are discussed. This knowledge can be the first step in reducing your anxiety toward and perception of your Tinnitus.

  • Techniques to reduce your perception of Tinnitus are discussed

  • Medical Referrals are provided if necessary

  • Reporting provided to your referring General Physician

Custom Earmolds

Impressions taken for all types of custom earmolds

  • Hearing aid molds

  • Hunting/shooting plugs

  • Custom molds for earbuds for all types of listening devices (ie. iPhones)

  • Swim Plugs

Hearing Aid Repairs

In-Office Repairs

  • In-office repairs on most makes and styles if possible

  • Manufacturer repairs on most models with warranty extensions

  • Custom earmold tubing changes

  • Bring your hearing aid in for an evaluation

Assistive Devices

All Types Available

  • Amplified Phones

  • Alarm Clocks

  • TV EARS and other related devices

Battery Sales

Revolving Inventory

  • 312, 13, 10 and 675 sizes available

  • Individual packs or by the box

  • Batteries always fresh due to our revolving inventory!

How Can We Help You?

Dr. Baur, your hometown Audiologist, will help diagnose your hearing loss and find the best solution to improve your quality of life.