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About Amplified Hearing

“Since purchasing my hearing aids, my hearing has improved 100%. Also, I have RINGING in the ears and these hearing aids have lessened this problem greatly. I deal with the public and being able to hear is a necessity. I am really satisfied with my hearing aids.”
Barbara K.

“Dr. Baur is a very capable person and cares about people. He has helped me more than many other people in his field.”
Lou D.

“Unless you like saying ‘What?’ a lot, you should call Dr. Frank Baur and correct your hearing loss. Dr. Baur will evaluate your hearing, offer solutions to your problem, and improve your hearing. Don’t wait any longer. Get help and you’ll hear what you’ve been missing. I’m glad I did!”
Gary E.

“Call Amplified Hearing if you have hearing problems. I am more than satisfied. Frank Baur patiently used his skills to check and test my ears so my hearing is the best it can be!”
Helen H.

“I truly appreciate the individualized attention to patient’s needs offered by Frank. He offers the most current product line and works side by side to assist you in making an intelligent decision. He systematically explains the intricacies of each device, focusing on the individual needs of his patient. I appreciate his availability and attention to service when the needs arise. I highly recommend him as an advocate for hearing impaired individuals. He and his office staff are first rate!”
Phil R.

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